Sermons of Rev. Sia since 2011
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2015 2014
12/27   Sonship in Christ Jesus  ( English)

4/5   Resurrection Sunday  ( Hokkien & English)

2/15   2 Peter 1  ( English;   Hokkien)

8/31   Living Sacrifice (Matthew 16 & Romans 12)  ( English;   Hokkien)

4/20   Resurrection Day Message (John 20:1-18)  ( English & Hokkien )

2/23   Leviticus 19  ( English;   Hokkien)
2013 2012
12/1   Electing the Vestry (Acts 6:1-8)  
(Hokkien & English)

11/10   Worship (Psalms 100 and 95)   (Hokkien)

10/6   Preparing Our Hearts to Worship
(In Celebration of SSP 110th Anniversary)
(Hokkien & English)

9/1   Isaiah 28   (English;   Hokkien)

6/30  The Cost of Following Jesus (English)

4/14   John 21:1-14  (EnglishHokkien & English)

8/26   The Words of Eternal Life (English)

8/26  John 6 (Hokkien)

6/3  Mark 4:1-12  (EnglishHokkien)

5/27  Mark 4:35-41   (EnglishHokkien)

3/3   Luke 13:1-9  (Hokkien)

2011 2011
11/27  Acts 19:1-12 (EnglishHokkien)

11/13  Acts 11:21-26 - Man of Encouragement  (EnglishHokkien)

10/12  Acts 6:1-7 (Hokkien)

9/25  Acts 12 (EnglishHokkien)

9/4  A Spirit-filled Church (EnglishHokkien)

8/28  Acts 1:15-16 (English;  Hokkien)

7/17  Deeply Loved by the Lord (Hokkien)

7/24  Acts 1:1-11 (EnglishHokkien)

7/3  John 14:1-6 (English;  Hokkien)

6/26  Glorified Life (John 12) (Hokkien)

6/12  John 11:28-45 (EnglishHokkien)

6/5  John 9 (EnglishHokkien)

4/17  Do Not Sin Again (Hokkien)

4/3  Resolve to Do the Will of God

2/13  Exodus 24:13-18 (English)

2/6  John 4:31-38 (English)

2/6  Chinese New Year Message (Hokkien)

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Living in the End Times  August 29, 2015

Michael Card Teaching Sessions  September 27 & 28, 2014
Biblical Imagination Introduction - Overview of the Gospels
Biblical Imagination on the Gospel of John
Teaching on Lament (from the Book of Psalms)

In-Depth Study of 1 Corinthians by Rev. Sia  February 20-22, 2014 (In Hokkien and English)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Youth Summer Camp 2014

Morning Messages for the Youth
by Pastor Christian Banzuelo
Morning Messages for the Working Committee
by Rev. Anthony Hao
Evening Messages for All Delegates
by Rev. Anthony Hao

Day 1   Life Essentials
Day 2   A Close Walk with God
Day 3   A Heart for God

Day 4   A Heart for God

Day 5   A Heart for God

A Series on NEHEMIAH
Day 1   Passionate for Faithfulness (Nehemiah 1)
Day 2   Faithful Man in Action (Nehemiah 2:1-20)
Day 3   Knocked Down But Not Out (Nehemiah 4:1-23)

Day 4   How to Handle a Promotion (Nehemiah 5:1-19)

Day 5   Secret of Spiritual Revival (Nehemiah 8:1-18)

Day 1   Living the Abundant Life in an Impoverished World (Eph 1-3)
Day 2   Living the Holy Life in a Perverted World (Eph 4)
Day 3   Living the Peaceful Life in a Chaotic World (Eph 5)

Day 4   Living the Victorious Life in a Defeated World (Eph 6)


110th Anniversary Services (11/3/2013)
by Rev. Edmund Chan   (In English and Hokkien)
Joint Worship Service: Don't Quit (Galatians 6:7-10)
Anniversary Thanksgiving Service: The Mission of the Church

Equipping the Saints
Return to God
2/22 & 2/24
(Hokkien & English)
Church Summer Camp
By Rev. Edmund Chan
1.   Life Essentials
2.   A Close Walk with God
3.   A Heart for God

By Ptr. Ann Chan
4.   Serving God with Intentionality
5.   Testimony in the Work Place (Salt & Light)

By Rev. Edmund Chan
6.   Church Revival

Sunday Worship Service:
The Heart of True Worship (Gen 22)
by Rev. Edmund Chan
(English & Hokkien)

Session Notes
By Elder Liu Ming Wu,
Taiwan's National Treasure

Evangelistic Message
Sunday Worship Message
By Rev. Sia (Hokkien and English)
Amazing Grace 1 by Rev. Sia
Amazing Grace 2 by Rev. Sia
Amazing Grace 3 by Rev. Sia
Morning Prayer Worship Service

By Ptr. Don Huan (English)
Maunday Thursday Worship Service
Revival Message

By Ptr. Edwin Lim (English)
Topical Messages for Single Adults
Message 1
Message 2

MINOR PROPHETS by Rev. Sia (In Hokkien and English, unless specified)
Introduction to the Series
Hosea   (Hokkien only)

BOOK OF EPHESIANS by Rev. Sia  March-April 2010 (In Hokkien and English)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

BOOK OF JAMES by Rev. Sia  June 2011 (In Hokkien and English)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Messages for Couples & Families by Rev. Sia  2011 (In Hokkien and English, unless specified)
Families in Genesis: Foundations of the Family
Families in Genesis: Adam & Eve
Training a Super Kid   (English only)
Making Choices You Won't Regret   (English only)
Raising Godly Children   (English only)

Chinese Religion by Rev. Sia  February 2011 (In Hokkien and English)
The Way
The Truth
The Life

The Lord's Prayer by Rev. Sia   September 2011 (In Hokkien and English)
Day 1 Part 1
Day 1 Part 2
Day 2
Day 3

MIDLIFE by Rev. Sia   2010 (In Hokkien and English)
Crisis or Transition
A Man at Midlife
A Woman at Midlife
Midlife Marriage
Beginning of the Golden Life